Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bangkok Revenge (2012) Full Movie Download Free

Bangkok Revenge (2012) Full Movie Download Free Direct On PC

Bangkok Revenge (2012) is an action and foreign Amerian and Thai drama. Bangkok Revenge (2012) movie story is about Manit, a boy who is the witness of his parents murder. As he was only ten years old. Killers shot his head, but he was survived anyway. But the problems for his brain left him struggling to understand normal human feelings. A fighting styles master saved him and took him away. two decades later, Manit himself has turned to a fighting master of arts. He comes back to the crime scenes, finding justice. After parents death by killer thugs, Manit (Jon Foo) becomes a fighting art master. Bangkok Revenge (2012) film Director is Jean-Marc Minéo, Writer is Jean-Marc Minéo as well as Stars are Jon Foo, Caroline Ducey and Michaël Cohen. 

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Released: September 14th, 2012
Rating of MPAA: NR
Distributors: China Lion Film Distribution
Budget: € 1,400,000
Origin Country: France and Thailand
Speech: English, Thai

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